Hans H. Diebner and Sven Sahle

On the role of the micro-macro-transitions and control processes for understanding the interface

In: H.H. Diebner, T. Druckrey and P. Weibel, Sciences of the interface. Genista Verlag, Tübingen (2001)


We review the rationalistic roots of system theory and, thereby, stress the fact that the problem of the micro-macro-transition can be seen as the first and most striking manifestation of an exo-endo-distinction. From system theoretical considerations we outline a possible model for brain dynamics based on control processes. We show, that the control mechanism can be implemented on a microscopic level which provides a link of micro- with macro-dynamics. We distinguish between internal and external control, however, both are entangled with each other. The entanglement leads to a continuous processual "backfolding" of the part onto the whole which is similar to the hermeneutic process. We provide a first working example of a continuous neural network which only partially includes some of the features necessary for a "hermeneutic engine" but supports the clue for the direction of impact. Especially, one can derive possible experimental designs from that model.

Verwandte Medien-Installation:

Hans H. Diebner und Sven Sahle: Liquid Perceptron (2000/2003). Eine reaktive Simulation eines musterbildenden Systems gekoppelter Oszillatoren.

Verwandte Publikationen:

Hans H. Diebner and Ichiro Tsuda: Fundamental Interfaciology: Indistinguishability and Time's Arrow (pdf). In: Michel Petitjean (Ed.): Proceedings of FIS2005 - The Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science. Online Edition: http://www.mdpi.org/fis2005/proceedings.html (2005).

Zugehörige Konferenz:

Sciences of the Interface. An international symposium on the occasion of Otto Rössler's 60th birthday. Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, May 18-21, 2000. Organized by Hans H. Diebner, Timothy Druckrey, and Peter Weibel. Proceedings zur Konferenz.