Curating Activities

by Hans H. Diebner

2007 - 2013
Visual Music Award. Co-organisation of the jury sessions and the award ceremonies with presentations of the award-winning works of the annual International Visual Music Award awared by the Institute for New Media. Jury member.
07 May 2011
Bunker/pulse - Art, Performative Science and Live Music within the scope of the Frankfurt "Nacht der Museen" (Museum Night). On the occasion of the "Museum Night", all tenents of the Schmickstraße 18 (Kulturbunker im Osthafen Frankfurts) co-organised a programme of cultural events. Curators for the Institute for New Media: Hans H. Diebner and Michael Klein.
09 March - 16. April 2011
New Media Make Sense - Context INM: Performative Science and Vireality. An exhibition at the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art, Wiesbaden, from 9. March to 16. April 2011. Concomitantly to the exhibition, a catalogue has been published (in German language): Michael Klein und Hans H. Diebner (Hrsg.): Neue Medien machen Sinn -- Kontext INM: Performative Wissenschaft und Virealität. Verlag Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt am Main (2011). The Catalogue also contains extended abstracts of the panel discussion "Neue Medien machen auch Sinn" within the scope of the exhibition.
18 - 20 June 2004
Suchender Blick (Searching Gaze). Organisation and presentation of the current projects of the ZKM | Institute for Basic Research exhibited in a "project tent" within the scope of the Karlsruhe Anniversary at the Schlossplatz. Several current projects have been on show, including a prototype version of EyeVisionBot.
11 July 2002
Festival on the occation of the 3rd anniversary of the Institute for Basic Research at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) Karlsruhe. Ten positions (mostly interactive installations, sonifications and experimental settings) within the scope of performative science have been on show. Talks and experimental presentations completed the festival.