Hans H. Diebner's Research Activities

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My research interests circle around complexity. It comprises modelling and simulation of nonlinear systems as well as philosophical and epistemological problems that arise in complex systems research.

Since 1st August 2013 I am Research Fellow at the IMB-Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry at the University of Dresden. Research focus is on system biology and mathematical modelling particularly within the scope of modelling homeostasis of the immune system and the dynamics of oncogenesis.

Artistic approaches play a prominent role in my considerations. The dialogue between arts and sciences I call performative science. It is an attempt to combine phenomenology with science. Because of the outstanding role of performative science in my research I devoted a separate site to this topic. A second dialogue that is constituent for my research acticity is defined through the interface between hermeneutics and systems sciences. I refer to this negotiation principle using the notion of "operational hermeneutics."