Eye Tracking Methods in Art and Science

Compiled by Hans H. Diebner

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The Eyeharp A gaze-controlled musical instrument.

EyeVisionBot by Hans H. Diebner, Sebastian Fischer, Lasse Scherffig:

Saccadic Sightings. By Rune Peitersen.

Retina Burn. Eye Tracking Musical Instrument Interfaces by Andrea Polli

... In Retina Burn, soundwaves generated by the sun are manipulated by movements of the performer's eye, thereby allowing the listener to audibly 'view' the sun without the usual risk of damaged vision. ...

Stefano Coluccini's site containing eye tracking works
... Commonly we think of the image observation process as a substantially passive activity, however the eyes and brain carry out a real work of analysis, with the eye performing a continuos scanning often dwelling frequently upon the details regarded as more interesting by the brain (Noton - Stark). During this process we don't perceive any real change in what we are observing; but a growing quantity of information is stored as time goes by: the image remains physically the same, but its representation in our brain changes ...

Der Zerseher by ART+COM:
... Upon coming closer, the viewer notices that exactly the spot of the picture he is looking at is changing under his gaze. ...

eye2eye, trans-parent, blanks, point of view, innen-außen und Nord-Ost by Angelika Böck:
... Die Technik ist für Angelika Böck zugleich Inspirationsquelle und Vermittlungsinstanz. Sie vermittelt Nähe, schafft Präsenz, involviert. ...

visionary.apparatus by Axel Roch:
... Der visionäre Apparat, nicht Gerät und auch nicht Maschine, gibt dem individuellen Betrachter den Prozess der Betrachtung als einen experimentellen und subjektiven Entwurf zurück. Der Beobachter erlebt zeitlich und intensiv ein dynamisches und fließendes Bildgedächtnis. ...

Augenzeichnungen by Jochem Hendricks:
... Augenzeichnungen sind direkt mit den Augen ausgeführte Zeichnungen ohne jeden Eingriff der Hände - das Wahrnehmungsorgan wird gleichzeitig zum Ausdrucksinstrument. ...

... An exhibition in the Lothringer13 in 2002 including some eye tracking works.

General info on eye-tracking:

Gaze-Based Interaction Group.

Literature on eye-tracking:

It's in your eyes. By Lasse Scherffig.
Zur Inhaltssensibilität von Seam-Carving. Thoughts on "Content-based image retrieval" with interesting remarks on eye-tracking by Lasse Scherffig (in German language).