Micro Relativity (2000)

A reactive video installation as a metaphor for the quantum uncertainty

by Hans H. Diebner and Sven Sahle

Hans H. Diebner: Micro Relativity, Screenshots, 2002.
"Micro Relativity" is a metaphor for the quantum mechanical uncertainty relation. Similar to a mirror the spectators are confronted with their live video projection. However, the mirror image is distorted and noisy and reveals a wavelike character according to manipulations of the video pixels and time frames. The pixels and frames are randomly permutated obeying the probabilistic law of the uncertainty principle applied to the macroscopic space-time. The position of the observed object - in this case the observers themselves - as well as his velocity becomes erratic. The installation represents an argument by analogy from microscopic space-time structure onto the macro world. Thereby an approach called "micro relativity" by Otto E. Rössler has been adopted. He describes quantum mechanical phenomena by application of a classical statistical theory leading to noisy space and time.

The installation so to speak amplifies the quantum mechanical law to our perceptible scale. The spectators therewith get a feeling for the functioning of quantum mechanics. Similar to the often as ghostly apparition named quantum mechanics features the spectators disappear sometimes fully and often see themselves multiplied.

The extented version Quantum Mirror is now available.


  1. GFT, Unter den Linden, Berlin 2001/2002.
  2. ZKM Media Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany 2001.