Hans H. Diebner's Research

Modelling T-Cell Homeostasis and Oncogenesis

Achieving a quantitative, systemic understanding of T-cell organization requires the integration of information from different descriptive levels. Within the project CONTROL-T, I help as scientific fellow to foster this integration by applying mathematical modelling techniques to consistently explain processes that potentially lead to malignant transformations of T cells. Specifically, we establish a mathematical framework, in which the cellular interactions of multiple T-cell receptor-specific clones will be coupled to the underlying, cell intrinsic signaling and transcriptional networks. Based on the modelling work, we will be able to derive experimentally testable predictions, addressing particular regulatory mechanisms, but also proposing potential therapeutic strategies to treat T-cell related malignancies. The modelling approach is a central component to link the experimental efforts within CONTROL-T and to achieve a quantitative, scale-bridging understanding of proliferation and survival of mature T-cell clones in the normal homeostatic and in the malignant situation.