Hans H. Diebner's Research

Chaos Control and Synchronisation

One of the most important applications of chaos research is chaos control and synchronisation. Control processes play important roles with respect to both technological as well as bio-ecological applications. In a sense, nature performs a kind of communication with the aid of synchronisation mechanisms of nonlinear systems. A technological application is possible, for example, in the field of reducing fluctuations in combustion engines. In fact, those fluctuations have a deterministic-chaotic part, which can be significantly reduced by means of chaos control. In the context of chaos control I also would like to refer to our research into cognitive systems modelling. Please also confer:

Kazuhiro Matsumoto, Hans H. Diebner, Ichiro Tsuda, and Yukiharu Hosoi: Application of Chaos Theory to Engine Systems. SAE International 2008.